Fabio Falconi received the master degree in Electronic Engineering in 1998 from University of Roma Tre, Italy with master thesis on design and fabrication of grating coupler for waveguide coupling.

In 1999 he started working as optical engineer with Marconi Communication in Genova. In 2002 he moved to Marconi Communication photonic research center Pisa. In 2007 he was optical team leader for EDFA and optical interfaces in Ericsson. In 2017 he joined CNIT Microwave photonic group.

He has experience in: a) telecommunications system: SDH, OTN, WDM and front haul; b) Different photonic technologies: passive components, optical filters, Edfa amplifiers, optical transceivers; c) testing and characterization of optical discrete and integrated devices; d) Lidar system and Pic design.

He is author of three patents in bidirectional amplified system and front haul system and is co-author of several publications about laser system, photonic integrated devices, Lidar system.