The following topics are available as thesis for bachelor and master students.

  • Lidar and photonics-based radar technologies for Space;
  • Development of multistatic & multiband coherent radar fleet for border security;
  • Design development and characterization of a combined photonics-based radar/lidar transceiver on chip;
  • Development of optical beamforming network on chip for 5G;
  • Development of an integrated chip for optical beamforming in radars applications;
  • Design and implementations of field trials of sub-millimeter displacement measures based on interferometric radar for environment monitoring;
  • Development of a Lidar system for precise agriculture applications;
  • Use of the orbital angular momentum of light for high capacity transmission and switching in data center scenarios;
  • Development of a lidar system based on the use of orbital angular momentum for detection of range, Doppler and rotation velocity;
  • Development of an optical comb for 5G and radar applications;
  • Development of an electro-optical oscillator for microwave photonics applications.
  • Development of a photonic-based tomography system.


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