Ongoing Institutional Projects:

2021-2022 "ESTIMATOR - dESign opTimizatIon of coherent Mimo rAdar neTwORks enabled by photonicsfunded by ONR-USA
2021-2023 "COSMOS: Photonics-based COherent SAR constellation for Multistatic and multispectral satellite Earth ObServationfunded by Ministry of Education, Universities and Research-FISR program (special supplementary fund for research)
2020-2021 "DIVINE High-speed 3D-imaging of blood vessels based on optical signal processingfunded by Fondazione Pisa, Italy
2020-2024 "PhotonHub Europefunded by European Commission (H2020)
2020-2022 "LINO: Advanced photonic integration platforms for developing high performance devices for telecommunications and quantum communication for spacefunded by Italian Space Agency
2020-2022 "SPACEBEAM: SPACE SAR system with reconfigurable integrated photonic BEAMformingfunded by European Commission (H2020)
2020-2021 "TeraSlice: Terahertz Analogue-to-Digital Conversion Using Soliton Frequency Combs and Massively Parallel Spectrally Sliced Detectionfunded by European Commission (H2020)
2019-2022 "PICTURE: Photonic Integrated CircuiTs for mUltiband RF transceiver in arrayed systEmsfunded by European Defence Agency
2019-2021 "PIOTS: Packaged integrated photonics-based RF/optical hybrid transceiver key-elements for sensing and communicationfunded by European Space Agency
2019-2021 "MULTIRADAR-PIC: Photonic-based multiband radar transceiver on chipfunded by Italian Defence
2019-2021 "DISTURB: Development of a photonIcs-aSsisTed UltRa-wide Band (0.5-40GHz) RF jammerfunded by Italian Defence
2019-2021 "SCORPIUS: Development on chip of a multifrequency optical oscillator for radars in spacefunded by the Italian Space Agency (ASI)
2019-2021 “LIRAS: LIdar and RAdar in Space funded by Ministry of Education, Universities and Research
2017-2020 "SOLE: multiStatic & multiband cOherent radar fLeet for border sEcurity funded by NATO within the Science for Peace and Security Programme (SPS).
2017-2020 "RODI: Rf/Optical combined coherent transceiver for Radar/lIdar and RF/optical communications in space funded by the Italian Space Agency (ASI)
2017-2020 POINTING: Photonics-based frequency-agile RF transceiver with High Precision Optical Beamforming for satellite rad/com systemsfunded by the Italian Space Agency (ASI)
2017-2019 PREVENTION: Photonics-based advanced environment monitoring system for an enhanced pREVENTION of landslide and structural failure risks”, within the India-Italy Significant Bilateral Projects, funded by Ministry of Foreign Affair.
2017-2020 ROBORDER: autonomous swarm of heterogeneous Robots for BORDER surveillance funded by European Commission (H2020)
2017-2020 "PHOOD: Novel PHOtonics-based RADAR/LIDAR cOmbined coherent sensor for aDvanced precision agriculture funded by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research

Ongoing industrial Activities:

2020 HEFESTO breadboardfunded by LEONARDO
2019 Feasibility Study of a Demonstrator for an High Energy Laserfunded by LEONARDO
2014-2019 Design of the RF spectrum scanner prototype based on discrete componentssupported by Elettronica Spa

Ongoing European Actions:

2017-2021 “EUIMWP European Network for High Performance Integrated Microwave Photonics” funded by European COST Program

Past (last 10 years) Institutional Projects:

2015-2018 "FIWIN5G: FIber-Wireless Integrated Networks for 5th Generation deliveryfunded by European Commission (H2020). 
2015-2017 "ROAM: Revolutionising optical fibre transmission and networking using the Orbital Angular Momentum of lightfunded by European Commission (H2020)
2015-2017 SWaP constrained photonic-assisted RF transceiver for aerospace, cognitive radio and remote sensing applications, funded by the Brazilian Agency CAPES.
2014-2015 PETRA: Photonic Environment moniToring Risk Assessmentwithin the European Research Council Starting Grant “Proof of concept” (ERC).
2014-2016 RAPIDO: Revolutionary Advances in Photonics Integration Being Applied for Optical Communicationfunded by European Commission (FP 7).
2014-2015 "COMBINE: Multi-layer interconnection network based on optical angular momentum multiplexing & wavelength division multiplexing switching”, within the U.S.-Italy Significant Bilateral Projects, funded by Ministry of Foreign Affair.
2013-2016 “MINOS: MIcro- and NanO-structured photonic devices based on strained silicon for ultrafast Switching in datacom applications”, FIRB,  funded by the Ministry of Education, University and Research
2013-2014 PREPaRE: PRE-industrial Photonic-based Radar dEsignwithin the European Research Council Starting Grant “Proof of concept” (ERC).
2009-2013 PHODIR: PHOtonic-based full DIgital Radarwithin the European Research Council Starting Grant (ERC). 
2011-2012 "INSIDE: toward Integrated photoNic-aSsisted fully-dIgital raDar transcEiver."within the European program Nexpresso, “Network for EXchange and PRototype Evaluation of photonicS componentS and Optical systems”.
2009-2012 ACEPLAN “ACtivE PLAsmoNics and lossless metamaterialsfunded by Europen Consortium NanoSci-ERA.
2008-2012 EUROFOS Project "Pan-European Photonics Task Force:
Integrating Europe’s Expertise on Photonic Subsystems” (Network of Excellence) funded by  European Commission  (FP 7).
2008-2010 GOSPEL “Governing the Speed of Light”  by the European Commission (FP 7).

Past (last 10 years) industrial Activities: 

2017 “PAI-PL Automatic protection systems for railway level crossing” with National railway society RFI
2016-2017 FUTURE : Radio FreqUency phoTonic technologies for eUropean militaRy systEmswith European Defence Agency.
2015-2016 "Optical beamforming transceiver for 5G”, with Ericsson.
2012-2014 "SOPHIA: Software-defined multicarrier wideband transceiver based on photonic technologies for TLC wireless applications” funded by Italian Defense Ministry.