Muhammad Nouman Malik, PhD Student

Via Giuseppe Moruzzi, 1,
56127, Pisa, Italy

Phone: +393281397080
Supervisor: Prof. Antonella Bogoni

I was born in Mian Wali Pakistan and later migrated to Jhelum city where I completed my O-levels and A-levels from Beacon house school system.

I started my Bachelor studies on Information and Communication System Engineering at National University of Science and Technology, where I graduated in August 2012. Then I started working with Ericsson (Pvt) as Services Engineer on Core Network Performance Monitoring Project of Saudi Telecom. Driven by the wish for further studies in an international environment, I applied and was selected for MAPNET program of Erasmus Mundus Scholarship and started doing my Master of Photonic Network Engineering. I did my first year at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna University, Pisa, Italy and third semester at Aston University, UK. My master thesis was on “Integrated optical beam forming for 5G networks” under the supervision of Prof. Antonella Bogoni. A successful beam forming for high precision network was implemented based on micro-ring resonators.

I was offered a PhD position in 2017 by Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna working within ROAM (Revolutionizing Orbital Angular Momentum of light) project under the supervision of Prof. Antonella Bogoni. The main objective of this project is to exploit the OAM modes in optical fibers for increasing the capacity and also to use OAM domain as switching resource along with wavelength to improve the scalability and power consumption of switches in data centers. This project provides an opportunity for me to explore this quality of light in several experimental activities. My research activities are mainly focused on microwave photonics, orbital angular momentum of light and silicon based photonic integrated circuits. I am a co-author of 10 publications in international journals and conferences papers.